Charting new territory for an industry disruptor.

DIRTT Website Redesign






Describing DIRTT, succinctly, is tough.

DIRTT, which stands for “Doing It Right This Time,” creates extraordinary interior spaces that are highly functional today, and imagined to accommodate the future, too. Their clients are everything from healthcare to schools, from office to home life.

What started as an ask to develop a digital strategy to better communicate their brand and value proposition quickly turned into a conversation about their primary digital resource: the DIRTT website. So we did both.

DIRTT holds a unique position as disruptors in the construction industry with new methods, technology, and ideas. Their occupation in a variety of sectors provided both opportunities and obstacles for us. They’re not an interior design company, or a construction company, or an architectural firm - but they touch all of those disciplines in different capacities. DIRTT also uses technology that required a painless explanation.

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Main Insight


Simplicity for a complex audience matrix.

In the digital space, DIRTT needed open-minded, fresh thinking to match theirs. We went aspirational - exploring verticals like design, architectural, and technology for inspiration. In all ways, we sought to replicate the DIRTT philosophy of functional and beautiful spaces. We wanted to reflect that in a user-centric website about user-centric spaces.

DIRTT lives in uncharted territory, and they had minimal existing language around their solutions, technology and value. Pivotal to the project was to help any audience understand DIRTT. We would need to create an engaging but straightforward experience that communicated all that DIRTT is to their broad audience with different needs and levels of sophistication.

Simplicity for a complex audience matrix.