Shattering the standard for season passes.

IKON Pass Marketing Web Experience




Alterra Mountain Company


Changing the experience online and off-piste.

Alterra Mountain Company, a newly-created global organization, started the climb in 2018 with a goal to blow up the standard in season passes. Selling all-access mountain passes is a competitive - and growing - international industry. Alterra showed up to play and win. A new product with real potential needed a vanguard digital experience to take Alterra to the top. The inaugural Ikon Pass required new everything, from a broader audience to point-of-sale functionality.

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Expeditions for every adventurer.

Our mandate was to support an ecommerce launch, but we also knew the Ikon Pass site should be a central hub for Alterra's owned and partner destinations. The process of defining their audiences revealed a need for distinct information for each, with different reasons to purchase the pass. There were existing season-pass holders for each Alterra ski hill who needed to know what they would gain by switching to the Ikon Pass, and users of former and competitor's products who would have to understand the Ikon Pass value proposition to make the switch.

Expeditions for every adventurer.


An experience as clean and delightful as fresh powder.

In the end, the IKON Pass site experience had:

  • product pages with full cart functionality
  • a detailed comparison tool
  • interactive maps
  • eCommerce integration
  • seamless integration with Contentful for regular updates

All without overburdening users with complicated design features or excess copy.

Confident in our abilities to persuade skiers to take advantage of the Ikon Pass, we prepared for large volumes of site traffic and transactions with each campaign. We used technologies like React, Redux, Contentful and Netlify - and good thing we did.

An experience as clean and delightful as fresh powder.


Unforgettable results for client - and customers.

In the first 24 hours of the product launch at, the site saw 1,500+ active users and over 5,000 transactions. Sales revenue exceeded expectations by a factor of 10. When eager riders started receiving their Ikon Passes in October, we supported the milestone with a digital campaign focused on all the ways they could use their passes in the 2018/2019 season. We showcased a series of adventures and epic road trips to help pass holders make the most of their purchase. Evans Hunt continues to build the Ikon digital experience as Alterra grows their destinations to 41 from the original 32, and expands beyond North America. What a difference a season can make. Few projects can shatter expectations - in the best way - quite like the launch of Alterra Mountain Company's multi-destination Ikon Pass.