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Setting a new course.

Travel company and hotelier Viad Travel & Recreation came to us with an impressive stable of tours, experiences, and properties - each with a different name and identity. As they continued to acquire new attractions, it was clear their business had outgrown both its corporate direction and personality. Our challenge was to structure their brand in a way that resonated with travellers, without overshadowing the distinct character of the individual attractions themselves.

We needed to define a new direction for Viad and to develop vital assets - from a new name (Pursuit), to comprehensive brand guidelines, to a website, photography, and brand videos - that would tell the Pursuit story and get travellers to purchase tours and stay at properties.

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Pursuit logo development


Balancing global experience and local reputation.

Experienced travellers recognize the fine line between authentic and intimidating, world class and elitist, natural and comfortable. Working with our clients, we unearthed the notion that our travel audiences seek a renewed sense of awe and a deeper connection to the places they travel and the people they meet. And above all, they want to create lasting memories.

Balancing global experience and local reputation.


Unified by the spirit of adventure.

By embracing its local differences and leveraging the credibility that comes with the endorsement of a large, multinational brand, we enabled Pursuit to celebrate the authentic spirit of its iconic destinations and, more importantly, to share that spirit with their guests across all geographies.

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Unified by the spirit of adventure.